Fund raising

The Hall has four sources of funding:
  • Rent from hiring to hall out to users
  • Grants that we apply for from Charitable Foundations and Public Bodies
  • Fund raising social events
  • Patrons scheme - click here for details
We need to raise a minimum amount of money each year to be able to operate the hall.  This is currently about £8500 and consists of things like Rates, Heating and Light, Insurance, Cleaning materials, electrical and fire inspections. etc.  We budget to pay for these costs out of the rents to regular users and private hires.

In addition we need to raise additional funds for essential maintenance such as re-sanding and polishing the floor, repairs to the building fabric, replacing breakages.  The committee maintain a balance set aside for such occurrences and top it up from fund raising events when required.

Finally we are keen to make the hall as attractive and comfortable as possible with facilities that match the expectations of modern users. We always have a programme of potential improvements that we will carry out as funds become available.  An example of this is recent new kitchen.  Other investments have been in tables and more comfortable chairs.  For these we apply for grants where they are available but also run social fund raising events and a Patrons scheme.

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