New Bar, Foyer, Stores Project - Nearly complete
Great feedback has been received about our 2013 major project.  When our bid for funding for to upgrade the stage facilities was unsuccessful, the committee decided to spend £15,000 of our reserves on the provision of an entirely new Bar with glass washer, bottle coolers, optics and other modern bar facilities.  To enable this we needed to revamp the storage areas including substantial new building work and also took the opportunity to upgrade the Foyer to make it lighter and more welcoming.  Work started in August and with the exception of the Foyer was completed in time for the Christmas festivities. Surprisingly we managed to do all this with minimal disruption to users' activities.  While professionals were employed for key parts of the work the programme was highly reliant on a lot of volunteer help under the guidance of Project Manager John Gibbs-Newton.  The effort has been well worth it - users have praised the improvements and said how good the hall is looking.

Redecoration of the Hall - Complete
The main Hall has now been completely redecorated with all woodwork rubbed down and restained in a lighter oak colour and the front of the stage refaced with a new door replacing the hatch to the indoor bowls storage.  All the walls were redecorated in one day by a volunteer painting party. and the Monday Maintenance team did the rest..New curtains have been ordered and will be delivered when the stage floor is completed.

Upgrading Stage
upgrading has begun with the installation of new lighting. The stage floor will soon be sanded and re-varnished  and new curtains have been measured and ordered for the stage and the main hall.